Sage Hills Winery

Sage Hills Vineyard began to take shape in 2006 when our family, after an exhaustive two-year search for the perfect grape-growing land, bought the 11-acre Dickinson Farm in Summerland, BC. We began to build our home and reshape the old peach, plum and apricot orchard into land suitable for grapes. Over 3,500 truckloads of undisturbed soil from the edge of Okanagan Lake were brought in to terraform the land.

After much consultation with a French viticulturist and a local organic grape-grower, we were advised to plant Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir on our site. These varietals were chosen because of Summerland’s temperate microclimate and because the estate’s soil is particularly well-suited to these three varieties. After all, if you are going to make great wines, you must first grow the right grapes in the proper location.

We sourced the clones for these grapes in France and have been nurturing them ever since, adhering to the highest organic standards. This exceptional piece of land was shaped and divided to not only suit these varietals but maximize exposure to the lake’s weather and daylight patterns.

In 2013, we added a Syrah and Syrah Rosé to our collection, using organic grapes grown on a two-acre site within Covert Farms. Sage Hills is now producing the seventh vintage of our premium, small-lot wines from 100% organically grown, Salmon-Safe certified grapes.

Beyond Sustainable.

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